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Tecnotrust Suite™, the most advanced technology for your safety.

What is Tecnotrust Suite™?

The Tecnotrust Suite integrates the most advanced technologies to dispose of them at the security of our corporate clients: Tecnotrust APP, Tecnotrust War Room & Security Check-up.

The Tecnotrust Suite provides for its users an integral experience in prevention, protection and reaction before security emergencies in an easy, safe and flexible way. Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning allow us to offer our clients ad-hoc solutions for every need in a simple and flexible way.

For Tecnotrust, the future is today.


Tecnotrust App

The only existing mobile application, which achieves for its users an integral experience in prevention, protection and reaction before security emergencies in an easy, safe and flexible way. It adjusts to any scheme both in the family scope and in different use cases in the business environment, executive protection, logistics networks, among others.

Each administrator user will be able to configure for their groups, the tracking rules, geofences, visualization of risk zones, choose notifications and trigger emergency alerts to the Tecnotrust command center 7/24/365, managing to provide its users with the ideal balance between freedom and security, protecting the confidentiality of your information at all times.

Simple on the outside, sophisticated on the inside.


Tecnotrust War Room

The Tecnotrust War Room is the fundamental tool to get our Tecnotrust Command Center team to manage, monitor and attend to all emergencies anywhere and at any time. The platform allows the visualization of people (Tecnotrust APP), cars and portable GPS devices, to locate high-risk areas, to follow up on safe transport services, to assist in any emergency, as well as to manage an optimal response by attending to the previously agreed protocols.

Manage, monitor and attend emergencies 24/7.


Smart Home Security

Early alerts for your safety

We have for our clients the most advanced technology in Artificial Intelligence for home protection, achieving to detect strange behaviors early, remotely monitor protected spaces, create protocols and personalized alerts and have a panic button to request help when they need it most . And all from the palm of your hand!



The Artificial Intelligence applied by Tecnotrust IQ (Kogniz), allows access to the most advanced platform for real-time recognition of faces, objects and suspicious activities such as erratic behavior, abandonment of objects, among others.

In addition, thanks to the flexibility of its state-of-the-art technology, our clients will be able to enjoy these advanced functionalities without having to change their cameras and installed equipment, as well as contract the remote alert monitoring service with Tecnotrust.


Health Check

Our Tecnotrust IQ (Health Check) health platform is based on Artificial Intelligence applied to physiological patterns such as body temperature and manages to send early alerts about behaviors outside of protocols such as the absence of a mask, minimum safety distance and capacity control.


Emotional Trust Control - ETC

Through our Tecnotrust (ETC) technology, we offer the only reliable permanent control platform and real-time monitoring of the organizational climate that identifies the risk of employees, processes, supervisors and locations, to correlate them through voice and micro expressions facials -via an APP-, activating early alerts and avoiding unwanted behaviors and early accidents.


Security Check-up

The Tecnotrust Security Check-up consists of an in-depth analysis of risks and vulnerabilities -based on web questionnaires- aimed at families and executives, which allows to identify in a confidential and precise way, the weakest points around your security; ranging from the fields of cybersecurity, information security, mobility security and home / office security, as well the risks associated with your lifestyle (Lifestyle). Your diagnosis and recommendations allow us to close security gaps to enjoy a safer environment.