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Make sure your loved ones are safe and secure.

Our 360 security solution offers you smart services designed to protect and take care of your family.

Tecnotrust has smart features designed to take care of your family.

Easy to use and configure

We take care of you and yours 24/7/365

Tecnotrust covers 4 pillars of family safety:


Home and office

We help our clients to identify vulnerabilities associated with the security of their home and / or office, covering both physical security and honesty in service personnel, and we have the necessary technology to achieve a safer environment.



We help our clients improve safety in their mobility through information, early identification of risks, and technology that allows them to ask for support when they need it most.



Our methodology helps our clients to identify and reduce the risks associated with their media exposure, nightlife, habits and customs without having to change their family dynamics.



We help identify potential threats and protect our clients digital environment and their information, allowing a safe digital experience for the whole family.

Our solutions for home and office

Tecnotrust Smart Security

Through Tecnotrust Smart Security, we cover all the elements of prevention, protection and reaction necessary to achieve a safe ecosystem in the home and office. We support our clients from the diagnosis of risks and physical vulnerabilities, to the integration of the necessary technology to achieve efficient remote monitoring through our Command Center and ensure an adequate response to emergencies 24/7/365.

Personnel trust and honesty tests

At Tecnotrust we have for our clients the most complete and reliable range of honesty and trust tests, filters and evaluations for any profile of home and office service and trust personnel.

Our solutions for mobility

Tecnotrust App

Tecnotrust mobile application, available for Android & iOS, through which its users can know their locations in case of emergency, monitor their transfers and trigger an alert when they need it most.

Safe transfer services

Our clients have access to choose between different alternatives to ensure safe mobility during their transfers. We provide from the possibility of requesting remote accompaniment of a specific trip or journey and requesting safe mobility services, to being able to contract on-demand services with trusted drivers and safe cars.

Emergency response services 24/7/365

We provide our clients with a wide range of emergency response services, specialized advice and both local and international coverage so that each profile adjusts to their needs and lifestyle anywhere and at any time.

Our Lifestyle solutions

Tecnotrust University & Intelligence Center

Through Tecnotrust University, our clients will have access to the only educational platform on preventive security, which provides periodic prevention recommendations, tips and security alerts for your home and office, thematic training webinars for the whole family and trusted personnel, as well as risk diagnosis tools with mitigation recommendations to achieve a safer ecosystem for your family and business.

Tecnotrust customer service channels

Through our attention and service channels, our clients will be able to request and activate à la carte services, as well as request any consultation and / or technical advice on any of the services and platforms included in their Tecnotrust membership.

Our solutions for family cybersecurity

Prevention with training

Digital security at home: Learn how to keep your digital home shielded to prevent any type of digital attack targeting your home or business.

Social media safety: Learn to use social media without exposing critical information about your private life.

Mobility security: Learn how to safely use your smartphone outside your home and also use it as a protection tool.


Security review of communications on your home: We review the configurations of your digital devices starting with the access router.

We review the software of your electronic devices: Such as computers, smartphones and tablets to make their use as safe as possible.

We install the most advanced antivirus software: As premium partners of Kaspersky, we offer the best antivirus and family protection solution.


Corekeeper: We restore your device settings in case of emergency or data disaster remotely.

All through our app

Easy to use and configure

Share location, know the whereabouts of your family in real time.

Receive alerts when a family member leaves their most frequented places.

Indications, see any member simply by tapping on their photo.

Emergency button, press it in any risk situation.



90% of risks can be prevented, we analyze the vulnerabilities that surround you and inform you about useful practices to mitigate risks.



We analyze the vulnerabilities that surround you and give you a breakdown of the different risks to reduce the probability of being a victim of a crime.



We have a permanent reaction muscle, both with private and public security members.

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