Business | Overview

Protect your company, employees, information and strategic assets.

We offer you the best 360 coverage for your company and everything that surrounds it.


Our mission is help to:


What are you exposed to?


We identify patterns before they become problems.

Close gaps

We formulate a risk prevention and mitigation plan.

Security solutions that cover the most important areas.

We make sure that your company is safe so we protect your employees

The most complete plan for your company

Our real-time security platform provides solutions around 3 pillars to cover all vulnerable points and offer you total protection.



At Tecnotrust we believe that 90% of environmental risks can be prevented for this we have information, education and technology that allow you to always go one step ahead.



At Tecnotrust we make sure to closely accompany our clients to understand their needs, and provide them with the necessary elements so that they are always protected.



No matter where they are located, Tecnotrust provides expert support to its customers when they need it most, anywhere and at any time.

How do we manage confidentiality and privacy?

At Tecnotrust we take the confidentiality and integrity of our clients information very seriously, which is why we ensure that we achieve an appropriate balance between security and privacy. To do this, we develop a model that allows us to guarantee the protection and confidentiality of our clients information through the use of a “Confidential Personal Alias”, achieving a secure handling of their personal data in our systems and platforms, so that their information they will Never be at risk, thus ensuring a safer ecosystem for themselves, their businesses and their families.

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